Pacific Surf Motorcoach Estate | The Best RV Resort in USA for Unforgettable Coastal Escapes

Discover the epitome of luxury and relaxation at Pacific Surf Motorcoach Estate,
renowned as the best oceanfront RV resort in the USA for those seeking
unparalleled coastal adventures. Nestled along the pristine shores of the Oregon
Coast, Pacific Surf offers Class A motor coaches a haven of tranquility and
panoramic ocean views from every site, setting the stage for an unforgettable
motorhome getaway, especially for those looking to escape summer heat.

Unrivaled Location

Gated and situated on the Pacific Shores of the Oregon Coast, Pacific Surf
Motorcoach Estate boasts access to five miles of unspoiled beach, providing the
perfect backdrop for leisurely beach combing, strolls with bald eagles and
breathtaking sunsets. Whether you’re lounging in your motor home or exploring the
nearby attractions, every moment at Pacific Surf is imbued with the beauty and
serenity of coastal living.

A Labor of Love

The story of Pacific Surf Motorcoach Estate began in 2003, when its visionary
founder embarked on a mission to create the ultimate oceanfront RV setting.
Through dedication and community involvement, what was once a dilapidated motel
has been transformed into a premier destination for motor home enthusiasts.
Today, Pacific Surf stands as a testament to the founder’s vision, offering an
unrivaled experience for travelers seeking the best oceanfront RV resort in
the USA.

Testimonials Speak Volumes

Vision Turned Reality

“Developing an oceanfront RV Resort was not an easy task, to say the least. The
Pacific Surf Motorcoach Estate story began in 2003 when I was riding my bike,
from Beverly Beach State Park to the Rogue Brewery in Newport when I took a
second look at an incredible site…..albeit with a dilapidated motel on its site….and
that began the story. However, through perseverance and Member involvement our
motorcoach estate has evolved to what I believe to be the best
motorhome/motorcoach scenic setting in the US.”

– Owner Testimonial

Love at First Sight

“Having roots in Monterey CA, then by retirement we had residences in Sedona AZ
and Puerta Penasco Mexico, we were driving our motorhome on the Oregon Coast
from the south, looking for something that would fit to supplement our spoiled
seasonal homes in our RV. We turned in Newport at Hwy 20 east toward I5
disappointed. We stayed that night at an RV Park near Portland and the couple

next to us told us about Pacific Surf, where they just became owners. We left the
next day and went north just 10 miles or so and there it was!! Pacific Surf
Motorcoach Estate! We immediately fell in love with it and ended up buying 3
Rotations so we could just spend time for 3-4 months at a time.”

– Resident Testimonial

Luxurious Amenities

At Pacific Surf Motorcoach Estate, luxury is not just a word – it’s a way of life.
From million-dollar surf and sunset views to spacious sites equipped with outdoor
furniture and chimineas, every detail is designed to exceed your expectations.
With strong Wi-Fi coverage, ample electrical hookups, and state-of-the-art
security systems, you can relax and enjoy peace of mind during your stay. Plus, the
on-site NO WORRIES Bar & Grill provides the perfect spot to unwind and connect
with fellow owners. Whale spouts and pelican flyovers are common daily
occurrences, and bald eagle nesting nearby.

Your Home Away from Home

Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Pacific Surf Motorcoach Estate
offers the perfect escape. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Oregon
Coast, explore nearby attractions, or simply relax and soak in the laid-back
atmosphere. With its unparalleled location, luxurious amenities, and warm
hospitality, Pacific Surf is more than just an RV resort – it’s a destination
you’ll never forget.

Experience the magic of Pacific Surf Motorcoach Estate and discover why it’s
known as the best Pacific oceanfront RV resort in the USA. Inquire for
booking a 3 day guest stay to explore our third fractional ownership program. Book
your stay today
and embark on a journey of luxury, relaxation, and adventure along
the stunning Oregon Coast.

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